Loss Prevention Specialists

The emphasis is on Loss Prevention and NOT the traditional Loss Control.

We need to prevent losses, by ensuring we have pro-active accurate in-time information. Then initiate loss prevention process to identify – and prevent potential & actual business losses that can affect the bottom-line profit of any business

How do we execute this?!

We have created packages to suit the timeline and budget of each business, allowing individual businesses to choose the level of intervention needed to ensure maximum bottom-line profit.  This could include:

  • Training session (*3-hour training session for your staff focusing on Shrinkage within the Loss Prevention Process)
  • Assess business processes from the ‘outside’ and facilitate feedback session and/or detailed report.
  • Facilitate detailed loss prevention process that could include:
  1. Investigation of tendencies / problem areas.
  1. Introduction of counter measures based on:

– Stock Control

– Financial Control

– Loss Control Countermeasures

– Shrinkage focus points

  1. Initiate solutions within the business with own staff focusing on challenges identified, mutually agreed decisions and solutions, commitment by all, set target dates, do follow-up assessments to evaluate progress and set up in-house checks to prevent losses in future.

Also! (*in support of the above or stand-alone)

– Develop pro-active information network

– Intelligence based self-protection (assess and advice)

– Advanced driving training (one- or two-day session to prevent injury and damage)

– Deploy independent Loss Prevention Operator to do vehicle; stock & access control (*replace security guard)

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