Intelligence Training

Aim of Intelligence. To give in-time pro-active information, enabling you to prevent or deter any threat in advance, allowing you to take the initiative and to timely neutralize the threat. Kuri Wild Intelligence specialist offers you a basic – and advanced intelligence one-day training package in sequence:

Basic Training Day: Basic Intelligence Principles; Collaborate on Aim of Intelligence; Intelligence Systems; Threat Indicators; Intimidation of and collaboration with ‘locals’; Role of women; Balance between good information or – deterrence; Intelligence Cycle; Early warning (Humanint, Electronic Int, Support Int Systems, Etc.) and Basic handling of sources.

Advanced Training Day: Theory and practical detailed guidance to develop your ‘own’ intelligence network by intelligence appreciation; availability of sources of information to timely detect a threat; confirm gaps and ‘close it’ with Humanint source network, Electronic Int and/or collaboration with other sources or networks; Recruit/ training/ tasking/ feedback/ re-tasking of sources and ‘Golden Rules’ in the development and maintenance of a professional Intelligence Source Network to give you your much needed early warning on any possible threat.

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